St. Clair County Farm Museum

To provide an understanding of our heritage, add to our areas cultural base and enhance regional tourism, and be achieved by acquiring, preserving and presenting agricultural, domestic equipment and related artifacts in structures and settings which will portray the origin and evolution of farming and rural living from when the area was first settled until about 1960.

In the beginning:
The St. Clair County Farm Museum was proposed in 1964 by the administrator of the St. Clair County Medical Center.  He saw how technology was rapidly changing life in rural America and realized that there was a need to savor a slice of the past so that the area’s youth could explore and learn how their forefathers lived.  By seeing a slice of the past, an appreciation of today’s lifestyle can be realized.  The founding Museum members opened the Museum on July 16, 1966.

In order to achieve this mission, the Museum is continually working to provide educational static, functional, and interactive displays.  In addition, by providing historical information and documentation through the use of this website, others not able to visit the Museum because of geographic location or disability may also benefit.

The St. Clair County Farm Museum is a non-profit, charitable organization (501c3).  It is not funded by any governmental bodies and therefore does not derive any monies from tax dollars.  Museum funding comes solely from donations and event admissions.  The museum is staffed and maintained by members/volunteers.

The Museum accepts donations in the form of cash, artifacts, and equipment.  It also accepts donations of services from business entities.  Because the Museum is a (501c3) organization, donations are tax deductible.
Please contact St. Clair County Farm Museum at 810-325-1737 or Mark Schwab at e-mail or 810-367-3470.