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Upcoming Events

Board of Directors meeting 1st Wednesday of the month 7pm. Anyone can show up.

Membership Meeting is on the 3rd Tuesday of Month 7pm.

Harvest Days

Diesel Truck Pull RESULTS

Street Legal      1st    Dana Orouke      2nd  Jenny Erickson       3rd   M.J. Domzal

Hot Street Legal      1st Karl Cross       2nd  Tony Burkharo        3rd  Jeremy Priester

2.5 Class            1st   Joel Girard            2nd  Kevin Dekoski        3rd  Rocky Bouverette

3.0 Class             1st  Troy Kosiba           2nd  Joel Bator              3rd  Tony Burkharo


Antique Tractor Pulls RESULTS

3000  Div 1   1st Leo Wittstock          2nd  Leo Wittstock III       3rd Leo Wittstock

3500  Div 1   1st Don Beier               2nd  Harvey Dove            3rd

4000  Div 1   1st Harvey Dove           2nd  Matt tomaschko       3rd Ben Taylor

4500  Div 1   1st Neil Card                2nd  Joe Kaercher            3rd Lesa Ingles

5000  Div 1   1st Adam Cook           2nd  Alan Hazelton             3rd Joe Kaercher

5500  Div 1   1st David Tyson          2nd  Jesse Taylor               3rd Rick Rector

6000  Div 1   1st Dave Leppek         2nd  John Martindale         3rd Tristan Swyer

6000  Div 3   1st Garry Spencer       2nd  Mark Osborne           3rd Jim Thompson

6500  Div 1   1st Scott Beier             2nd  Ron Charney            3rd

6500  Div 3   1st Garry Spencer       2nd  Mark Osborne          3rd Dave Leppek

7000  Div 1   1st Jim Thompson        2nd  Joe Kaercher           3rd

10000  Heavy Hot    1st Dave Gingell            2nd  Alan Hazelton       3rd Darcie Sherlock

12000  Heavy Hot    1st Jim Thompson          2nd  Dave Gingell        3rd Yvonne Markel

For further information on the museum or to donate, contact us: Email:   sccfarmmuseum@gmail.com