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Monday May 25th @ 9:30am we will be having a Memorial Service.


Mission Statement

The mission of the St. Clair County Farm Museum is to acquire, preserve, demonstrate and exhibit artifacts which will provide the public with an understanding and appreciation for the agricultural heritage of St. Clair County.
While farming, lumbering and rural domestic life will be addressed for all periods of the county’s development, the primary focus will be for the periods of 1880 to 1945.

1918 Port Huron Steam Traction Engine Model 19-65

And of course what fun is it to acquire without displaying, So once a year the 4th weekend in August we hold the annual St. Clair County Farm Museum’s “FALL HARVEST DAYS”. which consist of 3 days of demonstrations of “How it used to be”.
You’ll be able to see Steam powered “Threshing” of wheat going on. Watch as huge logs get made into boards on an old style “Port Huron Sawmill“. See and hear the old “Steam Traction Engines” run while you take your time walking past rows of restored tractors. Or stroll through the “Barns” and see the displays of antiques, and memorabilia of yesteryear.
And of course horsepower of machines made America great. See working displays of “Hit and Miss Engines”. Then watch the big boys play with the real tractors in a “Pull Contest“.
It’s a day full of adventure for the whole family.


For further information on the museum or to donate, contact us: Email:   sccfarmmuseum@gmail.com